March 07, 2011

Thank you CookEatShare!!!

Awhile ago I joined a site called CookEatShare. Its a foodie place where lots of folks post good recipes. They have a section for Professional Chefs which I am. And so I put myself into that category on the site. Well they routinely pick chefs to be a featured chef and I was picked shortly after I joined. I was so very surprised. And once again they did that this year a few weeks ago.

I also got an email from them maybe a month ago asking for my address. They wanted to send me a little gift for being part of their site. I was surprised. I never got anything from anywhere online just for being a site member. And I don't know how they pick the ones they sent the gift to but I was one of the lucky ones.

And so I sent my address and waited. I actually forgot about until just the other day when I got an updated email on my stats for the site. Then I figured oh well, I guess I got lost in the system or something.

So today I'm sitting at my table here eating lunch and I see the mailman on my porch. He didn't knock or anything but when he does that I know I have a pkg....since all mail usually goes to my big mailbox down the street. Imagine my surprise when I see a small box with my name on it. I knew I hadn't ordered anything lately. 

And when I opened it , inside was that mug. And its not just some cheap junk mug from the dollar store like lots of companies might send you. This is a quality restaurant mug.....heavy and will stand up to yrs of use. My bf and I will be fighting over this one , we love mugs like this hehehe

And so I want to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH COOKEATSHARE for the gift and for everyone else.............I want you to go check out their site. While I haven't had time to comment or review, I have checked out a lot of the recipes. Its a really good site.


Storybook Woods said...

Congrats on your mug and I will check it out. Clarice

Lili said...

Hey those cookies really look good right there, guess I'll have to get caught up over here so I don't miss things like this. And hey, congrats on being featured (and for winning a nice mug)! ~Lili