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S: It took me some time, but I finally put the pieces to the puzzle together. I once met Sea, long ago, at a gorgeous winery in the hills outside the town I spent my high school years in. She was a chef and a good chef, in a very small, special restaurant that was quickly rising to fame. And now that same person ~ an expert in foods and cooking ~ is one of my friends. Her pages are filled with recipes...she shares her knowledge of food and cooking so freely...she answers my stupid questions about food...and she is also a terrific person and loyal friend. How much better than that does it get?

SB about my Balsamic chicken:
My BIGGEST Compliments to da CHEF!!!! Don and Josh and I send you a BIGGGGG (((((huggers)))) and a country smooch for this one hun =) WE just got done wif supper...omgosh hun if I could have a candle that smells just like my house does right now from the wonderful aromas of this dish..oooooo lala!! Plus it tasted great! I wanted to lick the plate too lol.

My guys took one bite and said with eyes twinklin...this is soooooo good!! I said to em... Eat up ya hear!! =)

Sea Witch:
Your Creamy Blueberry pie is the BOMB! Easy to prepare and so good you will want to lay down on the floor and scream with delight.