June 22, 2011

One of my recipes will be published.

I haven't been online much due to a dead computer that's in the shop. So I'm having to borrow one when I can. But I wanted to post this so those that are interested would know whats coming up. A while back, I was on Facebook. I am connected to Country Living magazine on there. They asked for recipes for summer tarts or galettes. I figured many would do that and at first I wasn't going to send them anything. Then I thought what the heck, why not? So I sent them a link to one of my recipes. A few days later I got an email saying they loved it!!

I was so excited I started to cry. lol How silly I know but who would think they would be interested in lil ol me? And so began a back and forth emailing with photos of me and questions to answer so they could do their article. And so what you see up there is the cover of the issue Ill be in. Its the July/August issue. Not sure its out yet, they just posted their cover. But if your interested that's the one to look for. I am the readers recipe near the back.

So I guess I used up my 15min. of fame, huh? hehehe

*I just received my copy and theres a mistake. The front says its on page 121. Its actually on page 126. :)

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lemonverbenalady said...

One of my all time favorite magazines. I actually loved the gardening arm of that magazine! But Congrats to you!