July 10, 2008

Aunt Marthas Tropical Fruit Pie

Yes there really was an Aunt Martha. The lady in the middle of the picture here is her when she was still alive. My Uncle Frank is sitting next to her. He was my dads oldest brother. Aunt Martha used to make this pie for picnics when we had them. They were so good on a hot summers day that it became a regular request when we knew she could make it to a party. This can be made into two 8in. pies or 12 tarts. And it can be frozen ahead of time too. We actually even like it frozen cuz its like eating ice cream.

I looked online tho for a picture of it since I don't have any here right now. Its summertime and I haven't made any yet. I was rather surprised that I couldn't find any pictures since its made with some store bought items. This picture I found tho is very close to what it actually looks like. The filling looks just like this when done only of course its a wedge, since its a pie......or round if you use the tarts.

I even looked on the Cool Whip site and the Eagle brand site. So I don't know if this is her version of another kind of pie out there or she just made this up. Either way, Aunt Martha was a good cook and when we make this we think of her.

Tropical Fruit Pie Makes 2 8inch pies or 12 tarts

1 lg. container Cool Whip
1/2 pt. sour cream
1 small 14oz. can Sweetened Condensed Milk
1/4c. lemon juice
1 small can mandarin oranges
1 small can pineapple chunks (or tidbits if you can find them)
1 small jar maraschino cherries, chopped
2 graham cracker pie crusts (8in.) or 12 graham cracker tart shells

shredded coconut

Drain fruit and chop. Mix first 4 ingredients. Add chopped fruit and mix well. Fill graham cracker crusts. Refrigerate 3-4 hrs. Top with coconut (opt.)

Sometimes when I know Ill be busy Ill make these and freeze them. They keep well. Then when you need a dessert, just thaw a few hrs in the refrigerator. I will say it does taste good frozen too, just like ice cream.


Sra. Scherzophrenic said...

This just cools me down looking at it! I love any kind of hawaiian type of fruit salad with cream whip and pudding or jello. But putting it all in a pie crust...sheer genius!

Louisa said...

This reminds me of Ambrosia ( but with a crust ) - LOVE IT