August 15, 2007

Lunch is served!!!

I just thought Id tease you all today since I have the time to play. Im doing laundry. I made those Foccacia yesterday and felt like having some for lunch. Wasnt sure what I wanted to do with them , then I remembered one of my favorite chef lunches. I call them chef lunches because I didnt always have time to eat at work so I could make a plate of bread, cheeses, pates or other meats and fruit and nibble on them while I worked. I liked it so much it became one of my favorite bachelorette type meals too. Since Im no longer single I havent made it in ages. Today I did.

What you see there is a mixture of this yummy Fig Balsamic vinegar I bought up in Napa at Dean & Delucca awhile ago and of course good extra virgin olive oil. Next is a wonderful new cheese I found at the remodeled grocery store here. They are trying to make it more upscale and bring in new things. Its a cabernet wine soaked cheddar thats why it looks purple and its delicious. So since I only have apples in the house right now , I sliced some of those to go with it. Add the Focaccia to dip in the oil mix and its lunch!

*** I must tell you, these Foccacia are incredible with the Fig/oil mix. Heavenly!!

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