April 30, 2011

A garden day and some tea

Today was a gorgeous day...the sun was out all day. It was clear and the birds were out, even my deer came to rest in the yard. Today we had two young bucks and a doe just laying around eating grass.

I tried to get some gardening done. Its been hard right now because a lot of what I need to do is heavy and I have a bad back. And so little by little I'm doing it. I went to get eggs today too from the egg lady and when I came home the man filled in one of the extra garden beds with dirt. I was so happy, its so hard for me to lift and move so many buckets of dirt.

So after I did some earlier today I came back inside to rest. I decided to work on my garden layout.....I'm trying to do companion planting this yr so I get the most out of those raised beds. Being it was so nice, I took pad and pen and my lists along with a nice drink out onto the back deck. Don't you know about 10min. after I did that the cloud rolled in front of the sun and it got chilly. So I stayed till I finished the layout and came inside.

Just before I came in tho a bird was hanging out on the beds near me. He looked like he was trying to get someones attention. He jumped up at the window and then back down, then looked at me and when I spoke to him he turned his head back and forth. He looked like he was trying to understand me. He did this several times then finally flew to the roof. He looked down there and then at me again. Finally I said are you hungry and he tweeted at me!! I regularly throw bread out for them and they did that to me last yr too. And so I laughed and told him, hang on I have to go get some. Meet me at the front porch. And so I went there and tore up some bread and tossed it on the lawn. He came first and got some and then the crows started to come. One sat in he tree bobbing up and down and cawing like he was calling his buddies. One by one they came. It was too cute.

I did a few things in the house and then went back out to the garden to cut back a few plants that needed it. I knew once I did that then all I have to do is finish amending the soil and Ill be ready to plant. I have a large pot of mint and alot of it died during the winter. So there was alot to cut off. Some were very long spindly things too. So I cut it all and was about to toss it out when I realized there was some new growth on the ends . That would be where alot of the oils would be and would make great tea.

So I brought that inside and picked off the best leaves. I ran them thru my salad spinner. If you don't have one you should get one, they are great. Ive had mine for 25yrs already. You toss in your greens or herbs and let water fun thru it while you pull the string on it .........this spins it  to wash. Then shut the water off and pull the string a few times to spin it dry. I did this with the mint leaves and then laid them out on a plate to dry.

Hot Mint Tea

for each serving...
1 tea bag.....could be black tea or green tea, I often use decaf, especially at nite
1 nice handful of fresh mint leaves for each person
Boiling water

Boil enough water to fill your teapot. Rinse the teapot with hot water to warm the pot. After rinsing your fresh mint leaves, if you have picked them from the garden, put a handful for each person your making tea for into a nice teapot. Add a tea bag for each person too. When the water boils, add enough to the teapot to fill it. Let steep for 3-5minutes. Serve with honey. You could add sugar instead but we prefer honey.

I prefer spearmint, that's just me but peppermint could be used too. Its good after a dinner to sooth the stomach. We often use it when we have eaten too much or the meal gives us gas pains. Its really good before bedtime to soothe the tummy and help you sleep.


Storybook Woods said...

Gardening and tea, a perfect combo!! Clarice

Lili said...

Just getting caught up with ya over here! I so enjoyed your "bird whisperer" story. And that tea sounds so good, I just gave up coffee a couple weeks ago and wouldn't this tea taste divine with one of the blueberry muffins you made too! ~Lili