July 24, 2009

Cold Curried Banana Soup

I rarely eat cold soups but there was one I used to make for the restaurant I worked at. I never had a soup like this before and I fell madly in love with it. I ate this every single day we had it on the menu. And for a long time I was the only one in the place that knew how to make it. I left and came back to that job a couple yrs later. Someone mentioned it and the chef wanted to put it on the menu again but no one knew how...............hehehe except me. You see I would wander around that kitchen and make sure to write down the recipes for everything there that we made, that I just loved. Dont skip the mango chutney.....you will be sorry you did.

And so here's the recipe:

Curried Banana Soup

1 lg. onion, peeled and sliced
1 clove garlic, finely chopped
3 c. chicken stock
I 1/2 tsp. curry powder
4 bananas, peeled
Sour cream or creme fraiche
Mango Chutney
Toasted sliced almonds

Drizzle a bit of oil in a stock pot. Saute onions and garlic. Add all ingredients except last 3. Those will be your toppings. Cook 10 minutes , then puree the soup. Chill.

When ready to serve top cold soup with a dollop of sour cream, mango chutney and sprinkle on a few toasted almonds.

*The garlic is optional but not the onion. You want to saute them till soft.


Making Recipe said...

Firstly, i must admit, i love your theme...secondly i love it because i love fantasy world, love to see mermaids, angels or fairies but could never see one tho..thirdly, is broad enough to cover my 18 inc screen haha..as my screen always looks so dull with a site covering only quarter of it

Lynn said...

This looks really interesting. Thanks for sharing it :)