June 16, 2008


I made this for my sons 13th birthday party. Hes now almost 35yrs old and still talks about this cake. He wanted a toga party with his buddies and they wore those even in our hot tub! So in keeping with his decadent theme I made this cake. BTW they didn't get any plates. As in old Roman days I let them be pigs. I gave them each a fork and told 'em to eat up. They just loved it and it all went too!

First I baked a boat shaped cake like banana splits come in, sort of oval. I used double heavy duty aluminium foil to shape the pan and put it on a lg. baking sheet to support it. I used pound cake mix which I like to use for all my shaped cakes. I think I used two boxes of it for this. Pound cake is a bit sturdier and I figured would hold up longer under the huge amts. of ice cream.

Once it was baked I carefully peeled away the foil and put the cake on a big sheet pan with a lip around it (good for catching melting ice cream if they cant eat it fast enough!) I cut into it to make a lip around the edge so it would hold the melting ice cream inside mostly and took out a bit of the cake too. You do not want to go deep tho or you wont have a bottom to it. Reserve the cake to use in between the rest tho.

Next I scooped on lots of different kinds of ice cream and layered it with sliced bananas, nuts, chocolate fudge topping, caramel topping , strawberry topping, the reserved cake and whipped cream and cherries. If your freezer is big enough you can make it ahead of time and freeze it solid then take out to thaw and soften a bit before you top with whipped cream and cherries. Give the kids a fork and let em at it!

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Sra. Scherzophrenic said...

Wow, that looks good at 3:42 in the morning! I want to make a special cake for our 25th anniversary. I am not sure what to make! Aaaargh. What do you recommend?