April 09, 2008

Im embarrassed being a chef....

I don't think I want to watch Hells Kitchen anymore. It makes me too angry. Most of the yrs Ive watched and got angry but .........there was always one or two that you knew were pretty good and you could root for them.

This year is different. They are all idiots! The prize this year is a salary of $1million and the exec. chef job of Ramsay's own restaurant here. And these are the only ones who qualify? OMGGGGGGGG it makes me sick. I worked with some awesome talents. There are tons of qualified incredible chefs out there who would kill to have their own restaurant. Now this wouldn't be theirs but its Ramsay's but ........to say you were the exec. chef there would guarantee you a job anywhere after that. It would also bring people who could fund a restaurant for you.....right to you. And these are the choices this year? It makes me sick.

Where do they find these people? No one seems talented or organized enough to do this job. I read where Ramsay wants to mold people to fit the job. Yes thats what the old time chefs did with their apprentices. I understand that. But I would think you wouldn't waste your time on someone who has no talents. If it was just any old restaurant , perhaps ........you would . But this is Ramsay's showcase place here in America and this is what he picks? I don't get it. In fact I don't get anything about this , this year except I get angry. And I don't need the stress.

But I my bf and I watched this last nite and I told him I don't think I want to watch this show anymore. He asked me why of course. I told him I am a chef. Now I'm not working anymore as one so he tells me no, your not a chef anymore. But yes I am! You don't forget all you know just because your not doing it anymore. And if you love food, you never stop learning either and I don't. He says he calls himself a surfer but he hasn't surfed for years. I told him but you still are a surfer. Did you forget all you know? No. You are rusty I'm sure and outta shape for it right now. But couldn't you teach someone how still? When he heard me say that he agreed that yes I am still a chef.

So I told him.........I am a chef. The day my chef proclaimed me one was a day Ill never forget. I got there on sheer talents not schooling. I will forever be grateful to him for saying that to me. I felt so unworthy working there with CIA grads. And yet many times I had to correct their things before it went out. I am qualified. I just didn't see it in myself. You don't always need schooling for that. So yes I am glad that Ramsay picks people from all walks of life. Many have no schooling but are naturally talented............but not this bunch.

And thats the key here to why I don't want to watch anymore (but I probably will, its like a train wreck). It hurts me to see this. This is hard work and you need a talent today for sure since there's so much competition out there. But I am embarrassed by this show. This is what people will think chefs are. This is what those not in the business will think happens. And these people are an embarrassment to the field I work in. I'm very proud of what I have done and continue to do in other ways just not in a restaurant anymore. I have arthritis in my feet so I cant stand anymore for all those hrs. Many younger chefs Ive known were already getting it and carpal tunnel too. Its hard hard work for sure.

If you think its a romantic job......its not. Oh it can have some wonderful perks but you better loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee food or you will not last. I dont see that love of food in these people. There was always one or two on his show and thats the ones Id bet on. This is just a pack of losers this yr. Shameful.

But these people are not even qualified to try for this and thats an embarrassment to all of the good chefs I know.

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