November 11, 2007


Every year we have almost the same things for Thanksgiving but many of my recipes were here, there and everywhere and when I needed them I couldn't find them all. Long ago I found this bound blank book and I started to put in all the family recipes. It works great, they cant fall out, and they are all in one place. I could throw away all those scraps of paper stuffed in the drawer or other books. The only ones I kept were ones written by family members who are no longer with us. Those are heirlooms, their handwriting and sometimes a story of how you got the recipe are worth keeping in a scrapbook or album.

Eventually I found some in other cookbooks too and when the holidays came I would go nuts trying to find them. So one crazy holiday I decided to leave those books out on my counter till the holiday was over. Then I took some time to go thru each one , writing that recipe in my family book. Now they were all in one place. I went one step farther too. There were some blank pages in the bound book at the back. I wrote my menu for each holiday on those so when the time came I could remember all that I needed to make and also make my shopping list. Now that I'm getting old here and CRS is kicking in its helped alot!

So this is what is written in that book for my Thanksgiving day dinner......

Mashed Potatoes
Corn Soup
Sweet Potatoes
Mom's Mushrooms
Cranberry Sauce
Caramelized onions
Brussels Sprouts
Cornmeal Rolls
Pumpkin Pie
Apple Pie

Over time of course things might change a bit. I now brine my turkey overnight and that's a new recipe Ive forgotten to add . I also now make that Apple Cider Pie I posted awhile back instead of a plain pie. Ive taken to making my own flavored cranberry sauces now....last yr I made cran/orange and cran/raspberry. I'm thinking about changing the soup this year and I might roast the brussels sprouts with garlic cuz they are so yummy that way. But this at least shows me what we always had and what the family will look for.

So what are your family Thanksgiving menu traditions?

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