March 12, 2012

Fig/Orange Marmalade - low sugar

I got a yummy Christmas present awhile ago but never had a chance to use it. Someone who knows me, knows I adore figs and sent me 3lbs of dried ones. Ive been wanting to make a fig jam with some orange in it for months now. But it wasn't until I made Orange Marmalade that I really felt what I wanted to do would work out good. I never made marmalade before that and always thought it was so complicated. And I never liked the bitterness of it, so I made my own which was not as bitter tasting. In fact it was so good , I'm on the last jar now.

And so I decided to make this like a Marmalade using the whole fruit and the zest from it too. But last time I made the marmalade it was the full sugar recipe. I really wanted to try to make a low sugar one as I often stir this into my morning yogurt or have it on toast. I don't want alot of sugar in the mornings. And so I did it with this recipe. 

 Fig/Orange Marmalade Makes 12 8oz. jars. 
4c. dried figs
3 lg. oranges
6tb. low sugar pectin

3 1 /2c. sugar
Extra Orange juice to even out the measurement when cooked if needed

Remove stems from figs and cut into pieces. I quartered mine but next time Ill chop them smaller I think. I still had lg. chunks of figs that didn't break down. They were soft and could be mashed tho. Toss into 8qt. pot.  
 Next cut off ends of oranges and zest all the skin off with a grater or micro-plane zester. Try not to get much of the white pith. Cut off all white pith on the remaining oranges. Cut in quarters and remove white membranes and hard pieces from the inside. (sometimes the navel looks like another orange growing inside and its hard) Cut the pieces smaller and toss zest and orange pieces into the pot with the figs.
 Cover with water and put on stove. Turn heat to high and bring to a boil, then lower and simmer for an hr. The figs will swell and the water level will drop. Try to keep the fruit covered with water by adding more when needed.

When fruit is soft, check to see if the figs can be mashed and either mash them if you want smaller pieces in the mix or do as I did and hit it with an immersion blender a little bit. You don't have to do much, as you do not want it pureed, just breaking down larger chunks.

Measure fruit mixture. It should be about 8 1/2c of fruit and juice. If there's not enough add some Orange juice to make the full amt. (you could just add some water but the juice gives it more flavor) Bring to a boil and whisk in the low sugar pectin. Boil for 2 min. at a hard boil. (Hard boil is one that cant be stirred down.)

 Add sugar all at once and stir in well. Bring to a boil again and simmer for 10min. more.  Pour into hot jars and seal in water bath for 10min. ***This is sweet but not real sweet which was what I wanted. I figured the dried figs would be sweet enough. After cooking it I found they were good but not sweet enough so I added some sugar. Its a nice balance now. You get a tang of citrus but cant always taste it. It just enhances the figs. I think this would make a great filling for jam cookies or linzer type cookies too. And this would make killer Fig Newton type ones for sure.


Storybook Woods said...

Oh I bet this is veryyyy good!! Clarice

Alida said...

I like this combination of figs and oranges. In England I cannot find fresh figs but definetely dried ones. I'd like to try this.
Take care X

Anonymous said...

This looks great! Thanks for sharing!