February 16, 2012

Simple but good: Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix

I wanted hot chocolate one night but we ran out of milk. I decided that I wanted to find a mix that doesn't use milk so at least I could still have it when I want it. I searched online and saw so many, sort of the same. Most call for coffee creamer but I really was trying not to use that.

It calls for powdered milk but all I could find is nonfat. But if I could find a whole milk powder I think Id use that and skip the creamer. But since I don't plan on using this all the time I figured what the heck,  coffee creamer it is.

These recipes all have different proportions for everything and its hard to know what is the best. I found one that called for equal parts of everything and she said she liked that the best. So I decided to put some mix together. This is what I came up with . This has a creamy taste and a nice rich chocolate flavor. Not too sweet. I don't like really sweet hot cocoas so I think the addition of dark chocolate chips with a high cocoa % was the perfect touch.
Hot Chocolate Mix

1c. cocoa (I used Ghiardelli)
1c. dry milk powder (mine was nonfat)
1c. powdered sugar
1c. powdered coffee creamer
1c. dark chocolate chips (I used 60%)

 Put the chocolate chips in a food processor and process till its powder like. Doesn't take long. Put all ingredients in a bowl. Mix well and store in a container. I heated some water in the microwave and added 3-4 tb of mix. Its pretty good for not using milk.

Also my version , I had some Italian Cream Coffee creamer powder in my cabinet. I loved the sweetened cream version of the liquid one so I bought this to keep on hand then promptly forgot about it. I thought it would add a much nicer and creamier touch to this. But this could be interesting trying out different flavors of coffee creamers.

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Alida said...

this looks so delicious. Well done!