November 19, 2011

Canning my own baked beans

This is my favorite baked bean recipe

I wanted to make some this week but since there are only the two of us here and this recipe makes at least 6lbs of beans, I wasn't sure I wanted to have all that around. Whenever Ive made them and took them to picnics and parties, Ive brought the leftovers home. There usually wasn't very much so Id freeze them. Now freezing them is good but does change the texture of the beans a little bit.

But right now my freezer is full, no room in there so where would I put them? I decided to look up info about canning homemade beans. First they do need to be pressure canned but most talk about using fresh beans and soaking them first. My recipe calls for several varieties of canned beans. I like to keep the canned ones around in case we get invited somewhere and they ask for my beans.

And so I did my own recipe since most of the recipes I found soaked them, still baked them and then canned them. So all you have to do is follow my recipe up to the point where they get baked. I browned the bacon well too instead of partially because it wouldn't get finished in the oven like normal. I made the recipe like always and then stirred the crisp bacon into it.

Put about 3 inches water in the pressure canner and get your jars ready. I used pt jars because there's just two of us. This recipe makes 8pts. I wash my jars and put them in a 200 degree oven to keep hot till I need them. I put the rings and lids in water and keep it hot till I need it too. Once all that is ready.....heat the beans till very hot.

Ladle beans into the jars leaving a 1 inch. head-space. Top with lid and rings. Put in pressure canner and seal. Vent for 10min. then put the weight on. It should be at 11lbs pressure and let it run for 65 min. Let cool till vent retracts and remove weight. Remove jars to a towel on the counter and let cool over nite. They turn out just like in the oven and I can keep it on hand for whenever I want instead of making a huge amt. every time.

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