December 16, 2009

Im moving..............

Im moving...

Well the day is finally here. The house closed and the computer will be shut off. I will be in transit a few days and then land at my bfs parents house. I dont know if I will have computer access or not. And if I do, it will be limited. I'll be back tho once we find a home and get settled.

I may be offline a month or two.....hopefully less than that. So please dont delete me, check back now and then and if you feel like leaving a message, please do. (thats not an invite to spam tho). My blog will be the first place Ill check when I get a chance to be online. And when I return I'll post something new, maybe some pictures of my new home.

Im gonna miss everyone, you are all part of my daily life. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. See you sometime next year. I hope this New Year will be better than the last, we all deserve it!

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