April 28, 2009

My favorite white bread

Long ago I used to make homemade bread for my kids. I used a recipe from the Pepperidge Farm cookbook but even then I changed it. I couldn't find my cookbook so I went on the hunt for a new one. And so began the search......with a request to my baking friends. One friend messaged me with several since she had the book but honestly none really sounded right. I remember honey, wheat germ and no whole wheat flour. Its awful when you can almost see it in your minds eye but that's it. And so I went searching online since I still have some money left to use on books since the holiday gifts. I went to Amazon....I saw several but I just didn't like what I saw as far as descriptions. Even tho some were very cheap, they weren't in good condition and the ones that were ....well it just didn't feel right......so I went to Ebay.

On Ebay I found two that I thought might be right. You see I made this in the 1970's and they had reprints in 1992. Sometimes a reprint is updated so I didn't want those. I saw one say first edition with a glassine cover and a box sleeve but I didn't want to pay the price they asked for it. I did however find one just like it that didn't say first edition in the description. The other said first editions came like this so I ordered the cheaper one. I got lucky.....it IS a First Edition too! and I only paid about $9 total with shipping.

So I'm looking thru it and none of the recipes seem familiar or right. Now I KNOW it was a Pepperidge farm recipe cuz I used to love their breads yrs. ago. I sat here and thought , I cannot believe I didn't write that recipe down somewhere. I have two bound books for family recipes tho. I decided to check in one of them. I didn't think I wrote it down. I opened the first book and wandered thru it and OMG WHAT A DORK I AM!!!!! There it is staring me in the face. groan.

My bf was outside smoking, and I went out to show him and said, Its official, Ive lost my mind and laughed. Its the same recipe in the Pepperidge Farm cookbook for white bread BUT I added some wheat germ and honey to it. Way back then in the time of granola and yogurt people were adding things back to make stuff healthier. I remember reading that they stripped the germ out of wheat and that's why white bread really wasn't so good for you so I added some back for my kids. I don't remember what I added but I figure about 1/4 c. would do it. So here is the recipe I was looking for that I had all along.

I forgot to buy wheat germ the other day so I thought Id make this with some whole wheat flour I bought recently. I did a 2:1 ratio of white flour and wheat. It came out great but doesn't look like a white bread. I have to get some wheat germ and make it again. It was tasty tho and we gobbled it up with butter with our dinner that night.

White Bread Makes 1 loaf

Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. 20min. before loaf is ready to bake.

1/2 c. milk
1 tb. sugar or honey ( I added honey instead trying to make it healthier)
1 tsp. salt
4tsp. shortening or butter (I always used butter)
1/2 c. warm water
1 pkg. or cake yeast, dry or compressed
3 c. sifted white flour

Scald the milk.
Add and stir in the sugar or honey, salt and shortening or butter. Cool to lukewarm.

Measure into a large mixing bowl the warm (not hot) water. (Cool to lukewarm for compressed yeast.)
Sprinkle or crumble in the yeast.
Stir until dissolved.

Add the lukewarm milk mixture.
Add and stir in 1 1/2c. sifted flour and the wheat germ. (If your using it.)

Beat till smooth.
Add and stir in and additional 1 1/2c. sifted flour (about).

Turn out on lightly floured board.
Knead quickly and lightly until smooth and elastic.
Place in a greased bowl; brush lightly with melted butter.
Cover with clean damp towel.

Let rise in a warm place, free from draft, until doubled in bulk, about 50 min.
Punch down.
Shape into loaf and place in greased bread pan 9 x 5 x 3in.
Cover with clean damp towel.
Let rise in warm place, free from draft, until doubled in bulk, about 50 min.
Bake in hot oven (400 degrees F.) for about 50 min.


Jewel said...

At the bakery we soak all kinds of grains before adding them to the whole grain breads. I wish I could have sneaked out the recipes, because they were so delicious....of course, we made huge batches of bread. But still. I found a pretty good bread cookbook....my dad's was a gift to him from his grandmother, and it was her grandmother's cookbook. That's how old it was. I am using the bread bible, which has a lot of really good recipes, and simple ones, like for Italian bread.

Lynn said...

I have a book called "The Pepperidge Farm Baking Book" by Margaret Rudkin (copyright 1963, 1970). Could that be the one you're looking for? It's a hardback and does have that plastick-y cover on it. If you want it, let me know, I'd be happy to send it to you. It's not one that I've used much. I think I've only tried two recipes from it in the years I've had it (I bought it for $1 at a used book sale), so it would be no great loss to me to give it up. And like you, I have gobs of cookbooks (maybe 150? I think you're winning :) )

Kelee Katillac said...

Hi There!!

Those sticky buns...oh my gosh!!!!
YOU are killing me!!!!

Thank you for stopping by The Katillac Shack!!
Love creative and yummy new friends!

love, kelee