March 24, 2009

Bacon and Dogs

This is my DAWG. They say animals don't know what your saying. THEY LIE! Sweetie loves bacon. All I have to do is take the package out of the refrigerator and shes standing in the doorway waiting. But now shes getting worse.

Now all I have to do is say to my bf do you want a BLT? Cuz he loves bacon as much as the dog lol. But my dog hears bacon and goes nuts. Today we were sitting next to each other in the computer room like normal. I turned around and asked if he wanted that and he said oh yea anything with bacon. My dog perked up right away. I asked her if she wanted bacon and she licked her lips (do dogs have lips?) and jumped up on my lap and went nuts licking me and trying to kiss me. Shes 60+ lbs. Then she reached over to try to kiss him too lol......shes pushing her nose under my hand to make me go, and all excited and all over me. lol.

This is my dog when I'm in the kitchen:

So today I made my BLT's. Nothing new there but today I tried a little something different. Our favorite BLT's are made with 9 grain bread, lotsa mayo, lettuce, nice juicy tomatoes preferably from the garden and bacon. Now you can use any old bacon but we have gotten hooked on a thicker cut Applewood Smoked bacon from the grocery store here. I bake mine now. A friend of mine told me she bakes hers. I used to years ago but forgot all about it. So now I do that. Baking it is much better. It doesn't splatter all over the stove and the slices stay flatter so they are good to use on sandwiches.
So this time while I was baking them I decided to try something different. You see recipes for maple glazed bacon or brown sugar bacon out there. Now I like Honey baked hams and thought, why not drizzle some honey on it today? So when they were brown on one side, I turned them over to finish, just like I always do. (350 degree oven). Only this time I drizzled just a nice lil bit of honey on each long bacon strip and finished cooking them till done. I like mine brown and not looking very fatty, but not real crispy crunchy. They crumble apart on the bread and fall out of the sandwiches then.

The bacon cooked this way looks dark. At first I thought perhaps I over cooked it. But its just the glaze. I made the sandwiches for our lunch today and didn't tell my bf about what I did . I wanted to see if he noticed. There is a slight sweetness to it, not a lot but then I didn't want a lot. He really enjoyed it tho and its looking like Ill be making it this way more often.


Vintage Linen Treasures said...

I know I just said I'm trying to eat healthy, but I'm with your BF and doggy...Bacon is heaven alone or with anything, anytime, anywhere. Yep!
Patricia :o)

prozac said...

That dog is so cute. And I think that, in all honesty, I'd rather die young eating great food than live long eating bland food.