August 30, 2008

Snack Foods

I stumbled up on a blog site on MSN called Smart Spending Its actually got some interesting info. But I clicked on the tag in there for groceries and came up with some interesting stuff too.

The one that got me thinking here was one called
Safe snacks: Beyond pudding cups and tortilla chips.

There's so much junk food out there now and we are finding out that most of it is so bad for you. So many chemicals and fats that you shouldn't even think about eating them. But honestly we all love our chips and dips and candy bars and things. The trick of course is to have them now and then. But the blog talks about when the author was younger and what he ate as a kid wayyyyyyyy back when. It got me thinking about that too.

I grew up in the late 50's, early 60's. Its hard to remember much about that time but I do remember loving oranges and my mom would buy a bag of them. I would sit at nite and watch tv and eat 2-3 of them. I remember mom buying potato chips too and we even had that can O'tater chips like they used to get back then. I used to eat them with a big glass of milk. I don't know why. Now when I think of it , gross. And I remember having ketchup bread. Oh not the usual kind on white bread. My mom used to get these awesome Italian Torpedo rolls. I loved them and would eat em filled with ketchup. That makes me feel sick now too lol. I cant believe I ate that.

And then there was Ovaltine. I loved it! It came in these lil crystals, not a powder like cocoa. It was chocolaty but not quite. I would get a glass of nice cold milk and the jar of Ovaltine. I would take some in a spoon and just float it on the top. You were supposed to stir it in but I loved when it absorbed just some of the milk like that. Then I would scoop it out and eat it! Eventually mom would come in and yell at me for using too much and wasting it. Hey I was enjoying it. So then Id have to make it like your supposed to and she would put the rest away.

And I remember loving ice cream and dad would give me some money sometimes to go down to our local lil store to get some. They sold big fat ice cream cones. I do mean big and fat. They were the really lg. cones and the man would make sure they were totally filled inside too, not just topped. And he would make huge scoops so a two scooper would be something you could barely finish. He would wrap them tight and Id run home so we could open them and eat them before they melted too much. Sometimes dad would send me to that same store for Hoffman sodas. Those were really good and came in a lg. bottle, so I hated when he asked me to go pick up a half dozen bottles. I could barely carry those home.

That same store had tons of penny candy and a dime or a quarter could keep ya busy for an hr. to pick out your favorites.

So this article got me thinking about those times. When you were a kid tho........what was your favorite snacks that you made? I'm sure all of you out there , have some off the wall weird thing you just loved as a kid.

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Scherzo said...

Oooooh, are we on the same page or WHAT! I took my 6th grader through the store, and here is what she likes, and it is so much cheaper: Pepperoni slices, cubed cheese, slices of cucumbers or carrots. I do a lot of shopping at the discount surplus and discontinued items grocery, where only the milk is retail priced. So I can buy precooked chicken cubes and large blocks of cheddar cheese for half what it would cost. She doesn't like chips, but she will eat pretzels, and she loves fresh veggies. I have saved a lot of money, bought healthy treats for her (she packs a thermos full of cold water from our filtered cooler) and there is little or no waste.