May 16, 2008

I would like to know ......a survey

You all know I hope to open an Herb/Antique shop up in Oregon. Ive been networking and gathering ideas and formulas and such. I hope at some point to create some of my own products for sale but until that happens I will have to rely on other crafty people and wholesale.

So my question is for everyone who shops in Herb Shops or even Health Food stores and Antique shops too.........

Why do you shop there?

What do you love about the place?

What do you buy there regularly?

What sorts of products do you look for or are looking for in places like these?

I am speaking of medicinal herbs, culinary, bath, skin household and decorative too. And any gifts pertaining to that. Do you have things you would like to see out there that simply are not being done or that you cannot find?

I want to be unique. I will most likely start with online sales until I am able to get a shop open. I will have to get to know the area up there and network, etc. So my online people will be my first and Id really like to know what folks look for or want.

Please list everything you can think of ...........even if you remember something or see something later.......please post it here on this blog. You will help me tremendously to be successful if I can see what the pulse of the people who use and want this stuff is. Thanks!


chantal said...

First of all, I think you are going about this the right- getting an idea of what people want and being very enthused by what you're doing. One thing that usually wins me over is seeing the seller of whatever it is being passionate about what they are doing.
I look for unique products, something with personality, sometimes, also, something evocative of the area. It doesn't have to be obvious- of course you'll want lavender when you're in Provence but I'm much more likely to buy something lesser known with a local custom written on the package

Sra Scherzophrenic said...

I am just learning to get over my fears about using fresh herbs in my cooking. I would love to be able to grow my own. Whenever I see pictures of Provence, and the fields and fields of lavender just seem so inviting! And they cook with it, too! Mais non, c'est pas possible, je n'y crois, I tells ya!
I am learning slowly, but one of herbs I use now when making gravy is tarragon. It really makes a difference when making home made gravy.

coriander said...

I appreciate locally sourced products, so when I'm in stores that sell herbal products I always want to know where the herbs came from. I'm a sucker for seed packets, especially heirloom varieties. I like bath products (anything lavender or lemon verbena). Medicinal salves can make me break out my pocketbook when packaged correctly, even though I know how to make my own. I like tinctures. I'm not into supplements. I like teas, spice mixes, potted herbs, local art, retail spaces with lots of light and plants growing in them. I hope this helps.