April 01, 2008

My Favorite Show is Back!!

Well I know where Ill be Tuesday nites.........first American Idol ..........then Hells Kitchen! My son and I were watching it tonite.....but Ive always watched this show. Its so far from reality it just makes me mad and by the end of it each nite......I'm riled up and pissed. Pissed at Ramsey for his foul mouth and treating the people like garbage and pissed cuz with all the talent I KNOW is out there.........they always seem to end up with such crap on the show. Where do they find these people? I worked with CIA grads who would kill to be on this show to get their own restaurant. I know people who cook who are way more talented than whats on there this yr.

My son says mom you should do it. I cant.......too old and way too outta shape. People think its easy cooking in a restaurant......that's cuz we make it look like that ......but it is NOT homecooking and when its busy you are cranking out food for hrs and don't even know what time it is. If I were to go back to that now , I would have to spend a few months doing cardio and weight training just to be able to keep up. I was going to work one day long ago and on the radio was a story......they were talking about who has the most stress levels on any given job out there. They said Air Traffic Controllers had the most stress on any job...........and chefs.......get this .....CHEFS!! came in second on that list!!!!!!!

My ex never understood that and always would laugh at me and say I don't know why your so stressed , its stupid. Oh he should have walked in my shoes for a day! So when I watch this show ......I go nuts. First they throw them in a kitchen and tell them they have 45min to make their signature dish. Well geez your in a strange kitchen and don't know where any thing is.....yea 45min ......Id never be able to do it. Heck my son asked me what my signature dish is and Ive been thinking about this awhile and still cant answer that.

Next they have to study and prep for the next nites menu and then do service for that nite. Nobody knows wtf they are doing cuz it hasn't been enough time to learn it all. Its not like when I worked and we each had to create our part of the menu.......by the time service started we had weeks of working on it and knew it inside out. Then they want someone to be the leader......and omg ..........nobody there tonite knows how to do it not even the big mouthed guy who was calling himself the black Gordon Ramsey with an ego the size of Wyoming could do it. So I'm sitting there getting pissed and when I get pissed I take over. So I'm sitting here getting all excited thinking its a good thing I'm not there or Id be kicking their asses. And I know I can do it............Ive done it before where I worked. Sh*t happens and people panic and they stop thinking, its amazing........but that's where my strength is......that's when I go into overdrive. So watching these losers was killing me.

My son says mom you should go do it......too late this yr anyways but .........Id never last. You see I wouldn't stand for being yelled at and talked to by Ramsay like that. He would scream at me and call me a donkey............JUST ONCE and Id give him the finger and tell him f*#k you. My son says maybe that's what he needs , maybe he would love me for standing up to him. I don't think so ....after all its his show.........I bet Id get thrown off. Worse , if he kept it up ..........I know Id walk off. NOBODY talks to me like that... and gets away with it. Not even him.

In the old European school of chefs , apprentices basically made almost nothing and got abused and pushed around ........as part of their training. The strong ones kept going until they made chef. But today here in the US. you wouldn't get away with that , the labor board would be on your butt.......So they took the old school stuff and made a reality TV show with it. But where they get these losers from Ill never know. I worked with better quality men and women than end up on this show...........its a shame and very sad to watch. It gives people the idea that , that's what chefs are, how they are and its so far from the truth. I might not be able to do it anymore.......but I know the hard work that goes into that job........nobody deserves to be yelled and cussed at like that and .......if he wants good people, then he better scrap that bunch and start over , cuz they are so not worthy!

Ramsay serves up fresh Hell

Tempers will flare, desires will burn, and a certain Scottish chef will reach his @#$%ing boiling point the second one contestant fails to ignite his senses.

Yes, the heat is back on in Hell's Kitchen -- and one can only wonder who will be the first to feel expletive-spewing Chef Gordon Ramsay's wrath when Season 4 of the culinary bootcamp reality-show premieres tonight on FOX and Citytv.

World-renowned foodie Ramsay -- who received an Order of the British Empire two years ago -- displayed a kinder, calmer side of himself on a recent media call, but made it clear the stakes are higher than ever this season. Fifteen Americans are vying for a coveted executive chef position at his new restaurant, The London West Hollywood, where he has already signed a 10-year lease.

"I want to put my money where my mouth is and prove to the industry that any winner of Hell's Kitchen is more than qualified and capable of standing alone in my kitchen, that's for sure," he said.

Like Project Runway, Hell's Kitchen is one of, well, two reality shows where actual talent is mandatory. Professional training, however, isn't a must. An electrician, a receptionist and a stay-at-home dad are among those serving up fare in Season 4.

Wherever they come from, Ramsay expects nothing but the best from his budding chefs, who must meet his high demands for taste and leadership in a variety of cooking challenges -- or be asked to hand over their chef's jacket.

Things really heat up come serving time, when colourful language has been known to escape from Ramsay's mouth. Though he swears it's all just industry talk.

"It's something I'm not proud of. Every time, I get reminded of that by my mother. More importantly, I have four young children. My wife is a schoolteacher. I'm not forecasting for my first heart attack at the age of 41 and secondly, I'm not going anywhere near a divorce."

Ramsay has an even harder time controlling his rage on Kitchen Nightmares, another FOX series that has him overhauling rundown U.S. restaurants. After the success of the U.K. version, Americans began tuning in to see the meticulous chef tear apart their own dining flops -- with great disgust -- last fall.

"If we work in this industry and we're going to spend 25 or 30 years in the kitchen trying to master our craft, how stupid do we have to be to put together a venison tartar with capers, shallots, parsley, lemon juice, egg yolk, and combine that with a scallop tartar with, again, ketchup, lime juice ... white chocolate bound together with caviar?"

Uh, probably pretty stupid?

Clearly, Ramsay just doesn't have patience for poorly made food. The former European footballer has, after all, built an empire of books, TV shows and restaurants that celebrate fine cuisine. He won't even make an excuse for the Queen, with whom he shared a meal when he was awarded the OBE in 2006.

"Unfortunately, the canapes were a letdown. Next time I go to Buckingham Palace I'll bring my own food."

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