March 30, 2008

Hash 'N Eggs

I freeze lots of lil bits of stuff from our dinners and one of the things I like to use them in, is hash. Today I made roast beef hash from a chunk of beef leftover from one dinner we had awhile back. Someone I know online tried my recipe and said that its not good. He said his wife made it and he had to eat 4 plates of this heheheehe and thats not good. I guess it was a keeper :)

Hash 'N Eggs

OK I just wing it with what I have on hand but this was today's mess.....

1 chunk of roast beef (about 1lb) chopped in bite size pieces

1 large onion, chopped

2 garlic cloves, minced fine

Potatoes, cooked or raw, chopped

Roasted pepper or green pepper, maybe 1/4 of one

Worcestershire, S & P

Parsley, fresh, chopped about a tb.

Thyme about a tsp. but taste it

Lotsa butter

OK I usually cook the onion first in a bit of butter, when its almost done I add the garlic. Just saute them to soften. When done I keep a sm. bowl nearby and dump it in. You want to do things in stages not all together at first.

Next I cook the potatoes, you can use any amount you like, depends on how many you like in your hash and how many you want to feed so you can add a bit more to stretch it if you want. For this batch I would have used 2 raw potatoes, peeled and chopped in bite size pieces. I happen to have had some frozen garlic and rosemary ones in the freezer. There really wasn't enough for a meal so I chopped these up instead and used them. I have kept even leftover french fries if there's too many left and I feel guilty tossing em away. Steak fries would be good for this or oooooooo yea those yummy garlic fries they sell in the freezer section. Toss in more butter and cook taters till crispy and done. Dump into that sm. bowl.

Now toss in more butter and add the chopped beef. Toss in some S&P and the peppers and thyme and parsley. Throw in a shot of worcestershire, I used about 1 tb. for this but do it to taste. Cook till beef is tender and getting a bit crispy. Add all the stuff from the sm. bowl to the pan and mix. I usually taste it then and add more of whatever I think it might need. Once taste is adjusted, you can take part of this out and freeze it if you want. It does make alot.(Two of us with hearty appetites had this with another meal leftover to freeze). Or keep all or some of it in the pan and crack the eggs on top. Cook till eggs are done to what you like and serve.

I know its not exact but this is one of those great use it up leftover recipes. I use it when I make corned beef for St. Pattys Day and I add those taters from it too. Its real tasty. I wouldn't add the thyme or worcestershire then. You can use leftover chicken or turkey too, sage would be nice with a touch of thyme and parsley. Roasted taters would be nice added to it or you could even add some cooked carrots or even apple.

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Anonymous said...

I love hash but always forget to make it; you've inspired me to make some again- the egg cracked on top makes me drool...the little bit of garlic sounds like a nice twist too!
Thnak you again for taking another look at my website- and (gasp!) leaving me a comment!_since you are a compulsive reader like me, if you get the chance and want to take a look at the fiction I write or non fiction, I would be thrilled! Either way- it's fun to check out your homey fun site- your pictures are very delicious as well as your recipes.