March 15, 2008

Easter Egg Potatoes

This time of year you can find mixed colored potatoes sold together in small bags. They are perfect for making this next dish. Before these became popular I used to stand in the grocery stores picking out the tiniest potatoes of whatever color they used to sell to make this dish. Now that purple potatoes are common and this mix too .........its a snap to make.

Easter Egg Potatoes

1 bag of sm. mixed colored potatoes
1 red onion, cut up in lg. pieces
1 stick of butter
Lots of chopped parsley

The trick that makes these potatoes so yummy is simmer the potatoes covered in water. Add some salt and the chopped red onion and cook till tender. Drain well. The potatoes pick up a subtle onion flavor so the whole dish is pemeated with it not just in bites. Toss with butter and some parsley. Add more S & P to taste and serve. My kids just love these!

The leftovers are excellent for hashbrowns for breakfast the next day with some leftover ham and eggs. Ive even frozen what I had left and used it in a frittata another time.

No peeling just make sure potatoes are clean!

If you like things a bit more herbal , add a bit of chopped fresh dill to the dish too but it really doesnt need it.

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