July 24, 2007

Why I love mermaids

Ok guess Ill explain first why I call it Mermaids Treasures.....You see I collect mermaids. But not just any .... I love soft feminine ones, soft colors........I do love the Little Mermaid movie but I dont collect those. Too many out there.....I like unique ones, maybe because they are my personal symbol and Im unique too. I have a solid gold one I wear alot got it in Hawaii long ago. But the story starts really with a book I found in our local library .....something about Reclaiming the Mermaid Tail.

The book was about how women lose their tails when they get married........the tail equals their sexuality and mystery and all those things men love in free single women. Of course people change when in a relationship but marrieds tend to give up alot of themselves for the sake of their men or family. I know I did, my ex travelled alot and I had full responsibility of everything while he was gone. But he treated me like the house slave, he expected things, not appreciated them. You see he is a workaholic, it destroyed our marriage and really affected my kids. This book helped me find the real me but it took alot of time and energy over many yrs. It was just a catalyst.

The trip to Hawaii was my 3rd and it wasnt fun. He always waited till he was going to lose vacation tickets before he could ever find time for us. But because it meant money lost then he would go. Work always came first. Even on the trips he would work on his stocks and such online till noon ..........wasting the day in paradise. I hated it. At one point I got so angry with him over this I walked out and wandered the hotel grounds contemplating packing my stuff and going home and leaving him there. Here I was in a romantic paradise and I cant get his attention. We did get out some and when we were out we found a painting we loved. He learned paintings can be a good investment so of course thats one thing he let me pick with the excuse that its a gift for me. We were out one day tho when this jewelry store had this gorgeous pearl necklace with a mermaid holding a diamond in her hands as the clasp. I had to go in and see it......I knew Id never get it and frankly had nowhere to even wear something that beautiful. While in there I found a pendant made the same but with empty hands. She was expensive too so I figured that was it. I never had much money .......we were not poor but he kept me on a tight budget...so I would look but thats it.

On our way to the airport going home he decided to go back to Kona to look.......at the painting he said.......but then asked if I wanted to see that mermaid. Of course I said what for cuz I knew he never would buy it. But we went anyway .......and he shocked me by buying it for me. But you see he wont let you have joy ........I was told this is for xmas that yr........valentines day next yr .....mothers day our anniversary ....my birthday......sigh....... basically you get this you get nothing else for a damn long time. But something in me said I dont care ........I WANT HER. He made me wait till xmas even to get it.

She became the symbol of my freedom and of finding myself.........my mermaid tail. I left him a few yrs later and its been a good thing for me. I get stronger daily and make sure I get what I need this time. Been 5yrs and me and my mermaid have been thru alot but she led me to a wonderful man who treats me with love and respect. Of course I wouldnt have found him on my own, she taught me alot and most of all to respect myself and take what I need to or move on.

So mermaids have become my collection Mermaids Treasures is the name of this blog and if things go well in a few months, I hope it will be the name of my new shop. Let ya know how it goes............................

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