July 26, 2007

Chocolate rich and dark

This rich chocolate Hungarian dessert that Ive made, came up online with some interesting history. The dessert is called Rigo Jansci, a fabulous example is served at George Lang's Gundel restaurant in Budapest. The Rigo Jansci is a chocolate sponge cake with chocolate mousse filling, named after a famous Hungarian gypsy violinist who stole a Belgian duchess from her husband. Superrich and over the top, it's the Zsa Zsa Gabor of chocolate confection.

An elderly and impoverished Prince Joseph Chimay et de Carawan married a young, blond American Claire Ward. While on their honeymoon in Budapest they go do a confectioner's store with a gypsy band performing. She was really "taken" with the singer and they ran off together, leaving the poor Prince heartbroken. So, they named a dessert after the event...
I guess this is a true story because I found this about the violinist....
Clara Ward and her second husband, Rigo Janczi, from a photograph on a German post card from about 1905. And I found more about her, if your interested in reading it click here http://www.answers.com/topic/clara-ward-princesse-de-caraman-chimay Its really pretty interesting.

Continue to the end of Iroquois Avenue, turn onto Katahdin Avenue. At this intersection, to the left side of the road, is the plot owned by the National Vaudeville Association, for use by its members. Uniform bronze markers, flush with the lawn, mark the burial sites of these entertainers. One of the more famous performers buried here is Hungarian violinist Jansci Rigo. Rigo received international attention when he eloped with the Princess de Chimay in 1896. Unfortunately, the Princess was already married to Prince Joseph of Belgium. Rigo immigrated to the United States in 1905 and performed at the Little Hungary restaurant in lower Manhattan.

Ive made this several times and its utterly delicious. But do not make it unless you have company. Trust me, you will eat the whole thing yourself otherwise if your a chocolate lover. Its creamy and rich and unbelievable!

2 tb. butter
2 tb. flour
3oz. unsweetened chocolate
3/4 c. butter , softened
1/2 c. sugar
4 eggs, separated
pinch salt
1/2 c. sifted all purpose flour
Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Butter 11 x 17 in. jelly roll pan, sprinkle flour over the butter. Melt chocolate over low heat and set aside to cool to lukewarm. Cream butter and 1/4 c. sugar till light and fluffy. Add melted chocolate base and beat in egg yolks one at a time. In another bowl beat egg whites with pinch of salt till they cling to the beater; add remaining 1/4c. sugar and beat till stiff peaks form. With spatula stir in approx. 1/3 of the whites into chocolate base and pour chocolate mixture over rest of whites. Sprinkle flour lightly on top (1/2c. flour) and fold in gently till no white streaks show. Pour batter into jelly roll pan and spread evenly. Bake 15-18min. or till cake shrinks away from pan. Remove, loosen and turn out onto rack to cool.
1 1/2 c. heavy cream
10 oz. semisweet chocolate broken into small pieces
4 tb. dark rum
1 tsp. vanilla
In heavy saucepan combine cream and chocolate and stir over med. heat till chocolate dissolves. Reduce heat to low and simmer, stirring constantly till mixture thickens into a heavy cream. Pour into bowl and refridgerate for at least 1hr. When mixture is cold, pour in rum and vanilla, beat till smooth and creamy and soft peaks form. Cut cake in half to make two layers. Spread filling over one layer. Set other layer on top. Refridgerate on a rack for 1hr. I have since found some recipes that suggest you spread apricot or raspberry preserves over the first layer before you put the chocolate filling on. Sounds great to me and I might try that next time.
1 c. fine granulated sugar
1/3 c. water
7 oz. semisweet chocolate broken into small pieces
In a heavy saucepan heat sugar, water and chocolate over med. heat. Stir constantly till sugar and chocolate dissolve. Remove, cover and let glaze cool for about 20min. Set rack holding cake on jelly roll pan. Hold glaze about 2 in. above cake and pour glaze over it. Refrigerate 20 min. till firm. Cut pieces 5 in each row and 7 in each row down to make 35 squares for serving. Use a sharp knife dipped in warm water. Rinse knife before each cut.

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