July 24, 2007

The Art of Steven Power

This is a painting called Shining Sea by Steven Power. I own this painting, its hanging in my entry way as you walk into my house. This painting has a lot of meaning to me. When I divorced, my ex refused to give or sell me a painting that he bought for me yrs ago. It was from the Wyland galleries. I came out of the divorce with some money so I decided to go back to the gallery one day to see what they had there. I love San Francisco and the gallery is on Pier 39 so I decided to make a nice day of it and wandered into the gallery.

I love the pieces here.......Wyland, Walfriedo, Warren and others, many originals, many prints and things. Surprisingly when I went there this particular day, a man I used to date was there. Ill call him J. J was the gallery director of all things , that really surprised me because when I knew him that was not his field.

I like many others there,are treated royally but if you plan on spending some cash Im sure they treat you even better! But that particular day I told J about the old painting the ex kept and how I wanted to find another to replace it if I could. So he told me to wander about and let him know which ones I was interested in. I did that and picked out a few, then they brought them to a room on the side with special lighting to view it. I fell madly in love with the one you see up there, Shining Sea. He told me it was by a new artist that was in another gallery. Someone told Steven he should bring his things to this gallery, they thought he was that good. I agree. I HAD TO have the original. They brought me a glass of wine and hunted down the info on that original. Sadly, I found out it was sold already. But every painting I saw just paled to this one .

In the end I purchased a couple paintings but my pride and joy is Shining Sea. (By the way Steven told me this painting is what he sees at the end of his street in Hawaii, damn Im jealous!) I bought an artist proof. For those that dont know what that is, it is the closest thing you can get to an original. Its a print of the original that the artist himself touches up and highlights each one individually , then signs and numbers it.

I have been lucky since then to be able to purchase an original Power piece at a show and I am waiting for another commissioned piece by him that I should be receiving in a few weeks hopefully. I dont even know for sure what that piece will look like , I just know it will be stunning.

Steven is a good Christian man who somehow is able to show the power of God in his paintings. The colors are brilliant and you can almost feel the waves coming in , some even have lightening. The way it all pops out on a piece is amazing. For those who would like to know more about his things he has a gallery site online which Ive posted the URL in my blog roll. Ive come to know Steven a bit over the years. He looks for me at his shows even which surprised me when he said that one time. Sadly life has been busy and Ive missed many of the last shows. But I like this , this knowing of an artist in his early years. I feel almost like Ive gotten to know a Picasso before he was really famous. I believe Steven is one of the new masters and in time we will see lots more of him. I see he has branched out with some other paintings besides hawaiian ones and thats a good thing. Hes also been asked to do posters for some of the surf competitions there which I understand is a great honor. If you like art, go take a look at his site, I think you might be pleased with what you see there.

I want to add this to the blog.....theres another site he has called Power Publishing, to sell prints and things......the url is http://www.powerpublishing.com/main.htm

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